friday list

on saturday. sorry. but maybe saturday is ultimately better. because people are busy on friday. and i like reading blogs on saturday only no one really blogs on saturday. makes no sense.

just like these


this list is small but no less awesome..


mother of pearl achilles printed canvas flats (fancy vans)- these fuckers are nearly $400 which is about the stupidest thing i've ever heard.  but it doesn't make me want them on my feet any less. 


aedes perfume sample service- if i have never told you about this before, i am sorry.  aedes de venustas in new york has an online sample service.  what that means is for $27 you pick 7 samples of perfume and they send it to you.  and then you wear them and decide what you like. this works for me because i a.) don't think i could ever comfortably spend $300 on perfume yet, i will totally order 300 dollar perfume samples and b.) i don't wear perfume every day and 3.) i am not a 1 scent type person. i like lots of smells (my own farts).   i picked a lot of byredo frangrances as well as frederic malle carnal flower.  i am loving sunday cologne by byredo. 


nigel slater tender- honestly i could write a whole post about this book.  it's wonderful.  if you like to cook, eat, garden or read about such things you should own this book.  each chapter is dedicated to a vegetable and along with recipes (delicious and easy ones) there are diary entries (funny ones) about how he has grown each with success and failure.  each vegetable/chapter also has tips on how to grow and how to season simply, making the vegetable the star of the show.  this is not necessarily a book for vegetarians however, as there are several meat recipes and he cooks a lot of his vegetables in cream (sorry vegans). 


patchwork pouf- this would add so much to a room.  and just about any room at that.   love it. 


st. frank framed textiles- jamie meares posted these on pinterest the other day and i was like, gimme all doze please.  but the prices are not friendly, ranging from about $200 to nearly $4000.  the object is to pick a textile then a frame.  they do it all for you, and beautifully i might add.  but there is a ton of inspiration to be had.  fleas and ebay are full of pretty little textiles. frame one yourself. 


eyeball fabric- speaking of framed textiles...this one might just be the one i pick. 


small 'erin' crossbody bag- i need a spring bag.  my heavy, black clunker with gold chains and detail just isn't working now.  this petite lavender bag is perfect.  also comes in mint green.  can i haz both?



until next time...