coochella fashunz

well it looks like it was the year of the camel toe...again. i am all about a coochie cutter- you know this about me. but for fashions sake i would have definitely gone a different route. after all, coochie cutters are so last year. 

this year was also about the cropped bustier, the fringed vest, the gladiator sandal and the bracelet arm party.  in truth it was a giant free people catalog casting call. 

here are some outfits i admire:

nothing overly trendy here.  just cute + comfort. that's a winning combo. she's not trying too hard. 

she is rocking her weird al hair like a boss. another outfit that looks ridiculously comfortable and yet still totally stylish.  plus she doesn't look like everyone else. extra points for originality. 

sensible booties, patterned short shorts, bustier and a wee bit of fringe...she is rocking all the trends but it doesn't look over done.  it's just right. 

effortless. cool.  those shit kickers!

it shouldn't count if you are a supermodel but she looks superclassy. 

coochie XTREME!  but those legs.  and i adore her blouse and face. she loses points for those sky high wedges.  i'll give her a pass on the flower crown since she looks like a swiss maiden. 


i should not like this because it is a trend explosion on one tiny body.  but OH that body. 


but my winner for best dressed at coochella is......

michelle pfeiffer! 


she's 55!

old babes at coochella are what i'm talking about. 



here are some not-so-great coooochella looks:

is this a famous young person i should know about?

this is some new age craziness that i just can't get behind. 

all sparkle pink uggs should be destroyed at the source. 

and yet, she is certainly not following anyone's idea of fashion but her own.


umm.  too literal pocahontas. 

this poor girl needs to exercise and eat better.  

a mother knows. 


i shouldn't hate on the hilton sisters.

they've remained sober and mostly low key. 

but paris's hair needs some re-working. 

and i while i can't figure out nicky's boob situation, her outfit is super cute. 

but the real star of this shitshow is that exquisite, bloated flower behind paris's right shoulder. 

in fact, the background is probably what coochella REALLY looks like.:

six flags over georgia in august. 

pretty sure kendall (kylie?) jenner showed up all three days in some sort of lacefringecapecoat and face jewelry. 

i figure you are part of the most hateloved family in history you would do your level best to be as low key as possible. 

i would have liked this outfit a lot better if she ditched alexis carrington's lingerie and flicked off the bird seeds (let me let me!) on her forehead.


ok then.  see ya later.