spring things

i want some new things on my body..



when did overalls get so cute?!  i'm probably too old to wear them but i will anyway because CUTE!  shorts here.

longs here.

you could totally dress up the longs for a night out with an off-the-shoulder top underneath and a heeled sandal.  i LOVE the back situation in those


not your basic tank top.  i like a boxy shape, it helps to minimize my gargantuan titties. 


i have a thing for ugly shoes

these are like fashion for people with foot abnormalities. 


i'd like to have emerson fry everything please. 

starting with this caftan


plain and simple i need new kicks. 

i'm on the NB express with all the fashion bloggers everywhere. 


i have wanted these boots for forever and they are now on sale and i is broke.


you go get them.  it's ok.  i will live. 


such a cute top.  the sleeves elevate it, don't you think?

comes in spots and stripes too. 


p.s. none of you caught my "att" misspell?

are you all dead?