monday stuff

remember that entry e-design i did?


next up is the living room. as i said before, the bones and basics are all there. it just needs a little punch. some layering and accessorizing.

the furniture, curtains and lamps are staying.  some of the art and accessories will be edited and reused. 

a new rug is coming.  those sconces stay. 

behind those club chairs will be a large abstract in pale lavender and coral. 


here's the gist:

click to enlarge

trying to convince someone you've never met in person to go with a lime green beni ourain is nothing if not difficult. i wouldn't be mad at anyone who refused it. but i think it would be really really awesome. though i'd be happy with just that rush mat floor too.  this is london after all. 


do you dare to do a lime green rug?




i got some new head shots.


there are several looks we went for...from drug addict mom/hunger games mom (it's a thing now) to happy commercial lady who smiles SO big, to sexy, corporate bitch lady to soft and lovely seller of maxi pads.  at least that's what i am calling them.


here's one that sort of fits all of the above, in my opinion and might just be the one i use most...

what do you think?


look out walking dead..i'm coming for you.


i'll show you the final looks once i sit down with my agents and we figure shit out.