i use this all of this stuff.  every last thing on this list is on my sink right now. 

there are a bajillion products out there and i have used a lot of them.  and i could honestly add about 400 more products to this list but i narrowed it down to the basics. and the makeup is the makeup we used for my head shots.  i have lots of makeups. LOTS.  but this eye palette is what we used on that particular day.  


this is the VP of everything.  she will cut you and turn around and put a band-aid on it.  

i can't stress enough the importance of facial prep to good makeup application. 

the morning of i exfoliated my skin with this.  good to have on hand, and a little goes a long way. but for every day maintenance, read on.


1. dry brush your face every single day.  it's excellent for firming, and ridding the skin of toxins. 

use this tutorial. and be persistent.  i use this brush.  do not use a brush designed for the body (unless it says soft bristle).  use a soft, jute brush.  i might try this one next.  


2. josie maran argan cleansing oil- i wash my face with this and could not love it more.  i have oily to normal skin and this does a great job of taking off make up and leaving my skin super soft, clean and not dried out.  i keep going back to this one. 


3. and 4. caudalie vinosource and la roche posay toleraine riche- i use 2 moisturizers together.  i know, weird.  i have oily to normal skin and one just doesn't seem to work worth a piss.  they are either too heavy or too light.  and my skin changes all the time (oilier in the summer/ dryer in the winter etc) and this is some sort of magical combination.  the vinosource is mattifying.  and the toleraine riche is creamy and super hydrating.  so i use a tiny amount of it mixed in with the vinosource.  i am sure there is the perfect moisturizer but i haven't found it and i've been searching a long time.   and here's the cool part...i can customize it every time based on what's going on with my skin in that moment.   


ok, here's my facecanvas routine-

first of all i only use this when i want to wear makeup..for every day i just conceal (don't feel) and mascara.  maybe some rosebud salve if i am feeling REALLY freaky. 


5.  laura mercier foundation primer radiance bronze-  a little dab'll do ya.  this shit will last forever bc you only need a dab mixed in with your moisturizer for a subtle bronze-y glow.  


6. dr. jart black label detox BB beauty balm- you need to get on board the BB train.  this stuff is worth the splurge.  i use it exclusively in place of regular foundation.   it really really really is so much more awesome than foundation.   


7. eco tools skin perfecting brush- this is a must if you use BB cream.  


8. shiseido natural finish cream concealer- this has lasted me well over a year because it's so creamy and thick.  but it spreads well (that's what he said).  it's great for all your coverage needs; zits, dark circles, age spots/sun spots..etc.   


9. smashbox bronze lights bronzing powder- we used this for contouring but on a regular makeup day when you aren't covered in bronze foundation primer and bb cream this is my favorite thing to wear with just concealer and lip salve.  i use it in place of blush and on my forehead, chin and nose.   it's pretty universally flattering, and comes in 2 shades.  


10. lorac pro palette- buy this buy this buy this.  for the head shots we used the top row exclusively because it's matte.  the bottom row is shimmery.  the colors we used were taupe, light pink and cream.  with a little shimmer stick in the corners of my eyes. 


11. bareminerals round the clock eyeliner- this stuff stays put on your waterline.  a must have if you like the look of this eye make up. 


12. mac melba blush- best peach blush in the world.  not even kidding.  better than nars.   


13. mario badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater-  i have preached this stuff before.  i will not stop now. it's glorious.  we didn't use it for the photo shoot but i use it ever day to set my makeup and you should too.  it's a must have if you use mineral powder makeup.  which i do, if i want coverage without the heaviness of foundation.  plus it just feels good and smells gooder.  you need this. 


14.  lancome le lipstique in charme-  the perfect lip liner with a hint of color.  it just defines you lips without making them look like you're wearing lip liner.  only you are.  smart. 


15. hourglass high sheen lipgloss in child- favorite ever.  that's really the best thing i can say about it.  perfect perfect peach gloss.  



next up is hair:

perfect, tousled waves. 


i used this same routine for long hair too.  it's the business.  and it works.  

this girl sells douches and cell phones. 


like your face you need to prep your hair for optimum results.


1. pantene pro v ulitmate 10 BB creme- this is the greatest bang for your buck.  it makes my hair really really soft.  i am looking to find a more natural bb cream for the hair because i really like the way it protects and softens and takes me back to virgin hair status.  if you have suggestions i am all ears.  this is a good one though, worth checking out if you've never used BB for the hair before and want to try it out before spending bigger bucks on a more natural product. 


2. kerastase k spray a porter tousled effect spray- in my opinion this is the best there is in the area of tousled hair sprays.  it does not, i repeat, does NOT make your hair dry and nasty.  it smells amazing too.  spray it on after the bb cream and blow dry your hair upside down, with a diffuser and scrunch the hair.  this will give it tons of body and a built-in wave. 


3. herstyler tourmaline hair dryer- i bought mine on gilt a few years ago and am SO glad i did.  it retails for around $250.  i think i got mine for like $80?  it's on amazon right now for $35.  it's quiet and powerful.  get rid of your cheap hairdryer like, yesterday. 


4. davines oil absolute beautifying potion- this stuff is about 1000x's better than moroccan oil. trust.  a friend gifted me this and i haven't turned back.  it lasts forever.  and smells divine.  also, not for nothing, it makes my hair SUPER shiny without the greasy factor.   apply a tiny bit through the hair after the wave making.  


5.  tourmaline curling iron- i use this one and think you should too.  this is the real star of the show.  because you could forget all the other products and still achieve the waves with this thing. of course, your hair would be in shit condition if you didn't protect it but that's your deal.  it takes a wee bit of practice to get the wave making just right but i got it after one use.  i prefer a few waves on the surface all around the crown and then more around the face, but with the biggest barrel.   if you use the tousled spray and blow dry you will have the natural waves underneath and at the base.  this method creates a much more natural look. 


6. john masters organics sea salt spray with lavender- i do not use this for what it is intended for.  which would be more around the #2 area...nope, too drying and you can't do any styling once you put it in your hair.  but what i DO use it for is hairspray.  it sets like nothing i've ever used.  i ONLY use this as hairspray.  it's intense. 



that's it hookers.  you're welcome. 


if you have products you love and swear by i'd love to hear all about them!