first things first...my girl amber included me in her "top 5 bitchin' kitchens" series. i picked some humdingers.  go see


if you follow me on instagram (do that already!) you will have noticed a few posts about a B12 shot i got yesterday...

this happened in about 40 minutes with one interval of unloading and loading a dishwasher because i got bored looking at all those clothes and needed to look at some dishes instead.  my sally face was impressed. 

many of you had some questions about it..


you: B12..was it a shot, a pill, a drink? 

me: it was a shot. just above my right butt cheek. it hurt like a motherfucker.  like a bee sting.

but it subsided after about an hour. 

although when i was sitting down and resting (watching tv) i did notice a dull ache.

but it wasn't horrible.  neither was the shot.  but i give myself several shots in my stomach a day, so maybe i'm less sensitive?  but i doubt it bc my tummy shots really don't hurt.  and there's a lot of loose skin on my tummy covering some healthy chub due to a giant baby i had about 9 years ago.

the shot she gave me was in a place relatively close to bone...i'm guessing this is why it hurt. 

next time i'll see if she can move further south onto my ass cheeks.

i can only advise you to do the same.

i will also advise you to not let the pain stop you from getting it. 

totally worth it.


you: how long does the energy burst last?

me: it's supposed to last 2 weeks.


you: is it jittery?  how will you sleep?

me: these were my main concerns too but it's just a vitamin. 

not medicine or drugs.

there are absolutely no contraindications.

you can take it while pregnant in fact. 

i was not jittery.

in fact as soon as the shot was administered i felt a slight rush but i am certain this was just adrenaline bc i am super sensitive and hyper aware of my body.

i could even taste it! 

weird, i know. 

and many of you probably wouldn't notice such a thing, but again..i am HYPER aware of everything that goes into my body. 

the surge of energy came about 2 hours after i took it.

this is called "the bloom". 

it is not scary or artificial feeling at all.

in fact i could have easily sat down and watched tv if i wanted to.

but there was this happy, clarity that came with the bloom. 

and i did not want to sit and watch tv.

it wasn't like i had to get up and move like caffeine might make you feel. 

it was like, being in a great mood.

but bc i am a cleaner at all times that's what i wanted to do.

i wanted to knock some shit out that needed to get done.

i.e. gigantic piles of laundry, a sink full of dishes, get a head start on dinner, clean the moldy, pee rings around the toilet..etc...

and when all of those things were done, i didn't feel tired or worn out.

my back hurt a little but that's because i was standing while folding the laundry and i have the weight of 2 enormous titties to contend with. 

the rest of the day felt totally normal and after dinner we sat down to watch a few recorded episodes of silicon valley (hilarious and you should watch) and i felt the way i do every day at this time minus the worn out.  in other words...just sleepy.  my usual bed time is about 11. 

and i was right on course. 


how did i sleep?

like a damn baby!


i was mostly concerned here. 

bc sleep is so precious to me.

it usually takes me a solid 30 minutes to an hour to fall asleep every single night.

sometimes more!

but i fell asleep pretty quickly.

not anything dramatic....like i didn't pass out or anything.

i'd say in about 10 minutes i was out.

and i stayed in the same position until i woke up to pee, at about 4. 

then went right back to sleep til about 6:45.


and i woke up feeling refreshed. 

like i wanted to get up pretty bad.

anyway..apparently it's supposed to improve sleep and mood. 


you: how does it mix with booze?

me: mixed fine.

i had 2 glasses of wine at dinner. 


you: how much did it cost?

me: $50


you: how often do you get it?

me: every 2 weeks at the most.


you: where do you get it?

me: well, i get mine at the maria hecksher salon in buckhead.

the nurse is there every tuesday from noon to 4:00.

she's in the back. she looks like a giant, elegant moth. 




ultimately i think if you are taking GOOD b12 (not all vitamins are created equally) there shouldn't be any risk to you.

do some research.

i would totally do it again. 

in fact i would definitely do it before a vacation or long period of travel.

or before a shoot or anything i needed to be fully rested for and have complete mental clarity.


i'll keep you posted on the lasting effects.

which is the part that gives ME the biggest side eye.



ok then, go look at dem kitchens!