friday list

flower bomb- nicole takes really pretty pictures.  my favorites are this flower series

totally affordable too. 

abigail ahern paint- homegirl must have got tired of hocking farrow and ball paint.  she decided to make her own, signature moody colors.  she wins.  because they are fantastic.

my two personal faves are crosby (brown with undertones of pink) and mercer green (deep and intoxicating). 

svenskt tenn- if you don't have a "thing" for svenskt tenn fabrics and wallpapers you shouldn't be here.  there literally is something for everyone in that historic collection of fabrics.

ben pentreath recently took a trip to sweden and gives us major eye candy in this post.

go look because wall of lampshades. 

pop art- i love ashley longshore.  the end. 

st. germain- where have you been all my life?!

it's like adding flower petals to a beverage. 

try it. 

try this.

i cut the tonic in half and add club soda. 

tonic is too sweet. and i don't like the unsweetened tonics, too bitter. 

cutting it in half with club soda does the trick. 

gin not your thing?

try one of these

have a wonderful weekend guys.

don't eat tape.