a few more jellyfish paintings for your consideration...


yesterday i had an audition for a film with a really awesome cast (academy award winners and such)  wherein i had to "act" like i had been savagely beaten. the sides told me i was locked in a trunk with my man, hands and feet tied up, teeth bashed in, finger tips cut off and tongue cut out.  there were no lines...just that i had to "plead oddly". 

it was one of the more challenging things i've ever had to do as an actress.

mainly bc there were no lines, i had no use of my hands, so it was just face acting and these days for auditions they are done in your home, with just you, your camera, some good lighting and a competent reader.

only there was no need for a reader this go around so it was just me, sitting on the floor with a camera in my face trying to feel something like hopelessness and fear.

and all i could do was laugh.

it just seemed so ridiculous.

i did several takes...some of them bad, some of them worse.

and then i did some more.

and i laughed some more and cried a little but i think the tears were tears of frustration.

hey, whatever works.

i couldn't even watch any of the takes back to see if they were good.

i picked the shortest and least self indulgent.

i sent it to mike and a close friend who i trust and both said was good.  so trust them i had to.

most of them were too long and i thought, who in their right mind wants to watch this weird lady looking like she's having a seizure?

well, hopefully the director does.

i just kept thinking about all the other actors and actresses having to do the same thing and then the director having to watch all of those tapes and just peeing their pants with laughter. 

anyway... thought i'd share.


and no, i can't show you the takes bc i would get in big trouble. 


here's to a good weekend!

fiona is having a girl scout campout tonight.

i will be sitting around the campfire stuffing s'mores into my hole and slurping gin and tonics from a canteen. 


jellyfish here