just some thoughts

oh hey.

just popping in because i figured i needed to prove that the internet meme that i was dead wasn't true.

the real truth is is that it's really boring around here.

elsewhere too, right?

the world of blogging seems to either be a giant moodboard of rewardstyle links or a stinky pile of who cares.

i fall somewhere in the middle i think.


since the world of blogging seems to be a reciprocal mish mash of dick sucking and money making and boring i am not so inspired to write shit down.


you get what you give and you give what you get?


that said, i am all about my new bialetti.

it's maybe the best coffee device ever invented.

it's the perfect amount too.

i have been using this coffee because, when in rome right?


in update news..

B12 has most certainly left the building.

after the first initial surge of energy i kinda just felt....the same. 

i exercise so that gives me energy.

maybe if i was a lazy, fat fuck it might be more noticeable.

i will say though that for about 5 days there, i experienced extremely deep sleep at night.

but then, it seemed to have dissipated and i was back to my normal light sleep habits.

would i do it again?

yes. absolutely.

but only before something important or a vacation.



ok then.

here's a baby bunny sleeping