friday list


ballet beautiful- y'all know i'm a tracy anderson devotee, right?

i have been doing her workouts for about 4 years now?

i mix them up with heavy doses of kundalini yoga and that has been my routine.

recently i decided to give ballet beautiful a try.

you guys!

it's hard.  but awesome.

it's kind of an a la carte thing.

you buy little 15-20 minute workouts as you desire.

they are about 10$ each...give or take.

but once you purchase you have your library of workouts online whenever you want to use them.

great for traveling bitches. or for ladies who's husbands hog the tv. 

i do mine in my bedroom while crying.

try the swan arms first.

estrella maxi dress- i recently purchased this and it's awesome.  it might be the best dress i've ever bought.  it's really comfy and super flattering.  i bought the xs/sm and i am SO not extra small or small.   it's somewhere between a caftan and a sundress. 

filth- i watched this movie yesterday while i folded a double rainbow mountain of laundry. 

james mcavoy is amazing.

like, all-time-career-performance-best amazing. 

the movie is funny and sick.

also james mcavoy is hot.

the. end. 

west elm storage boxes-  west elm continues to knock shit out of the park.

these boxes are no exception.

so many uses.

jewels.  q-tips. make-up. office supplies. business cards. weed. 

fish taco bowl- there's a fish taco bowl recipe making the pinterest rounds.

it seems good in theory but the recipe is a little too short-cut-y for me.

i did a little research and found a very similar recipe (if not almost exact) that seemed to use the basic principal only with fresher ingredients. 

i suggest you go with the latter.  

it was delicious.

i made a few slight changes based on my supreme knowledge of cooking.

the recipe says to cook the garlic first and then add the fish to the pan.

i did so without thinking and then was like...wait a second...this garlic is going to burn before the fish is done.

so i took the fish out after a good sear on the first side and transferred the fish with it's garlicky sauce to a baking dish and stuck it under the broiler until it was done...about 5-7 minutes depending on your broiler.  mine is easily not the hottest broiler in the land.

i wiped out the pan and continued on with the recipe as written.

i would suggest searing the fish first and adding the garlic with the rest of the vegetables in the recipe. 

it turned out awesome the way i did it though.

but i managed to save it before the garlic got too brown.

fun necklace- i don't remember where i saw it but i saw someone hang a tribal necklace over a thermostat on a wall.

i thought it were genius.

but you could also wear it around your neck.

equally delightful. 

harper sofa- anthropologie does it again.  this sofa is a star. 

what room WOULDN'T it look good in?!

the fabric is dreamy as hell. 

cottage perfection- i can't get michelle smith's sag harbor cottage out of my brain.

it was my favorite bit in the new lonny.

have a wonderful mother's day weekend!