hi. first of all let me say thanks for all the advice about being a better mom. i try. i really do.  i go to bed every single night with thoughts ranging from...i'm the worst to i hope she doesn't kill me in my sleep. 

i think we are all adjusting to summer vacation. 

being in school from 8 to 5 every day (don't worry, it's montessori, which is essentially like summer camp 24/7) around her best friends and then having to be home, with nothing to do is an adjustment.  and since when is having "nothing to do" a bad thing?!  sometimes i dream of "nothing to do". 

kids are weird. 

so, anyway..that's what i'm calling it. 

an adjustment period.  

thanks for all the book nightstand (bathroom) is loaded with them. 



moving on..


i am about to start on a commission based on this original stained glass window in my client's old victorian home..


isn't it lovely?

i'm gonna play down the pink and play up the blues and greens. 

it's going to be in the dining room and will  be the first thing you see when you walk in the house. 


fiona is in camp this week which means it's a work week for me..

so i am busy finishing off some commissions..


this one's not quiiiite finished.




that's it.


i love you.