friday list

first of all, it's FRIDAY?!!  

where has the week gone i ask?

second of all, it's friday.  the 13th.

did you even know that?!

it's also a full moon. (but it's the strawberry moon which is cute and therefore less likely to cut you)

and mercury has been retrograde since the 7th and will continue to be until the 2nd.

i had strange dreams last night and i'm not sure if it were the moon or the titanium screw in my mouth. 

yesterday i had an implant put in my mouth and that's weird to say the least.

but it means i will be a lot less georgia and a little more hollywood in a few months. 

also my computer has been acting crazy. thanks retrograde mercury!

has yours?


suffice it to say, you might be better off staying home today. 


maybe a little online shopping or tv watching?

came across this book at the bookstore the other day and thought, that name is the worst.

they might as well have named it "have some tea with your period".

but i picked it up and looked through the pages and desperately wanted my own shed.

at the very least to go to when i have my period.

everyone would be so much happier.


please tell me you're watching cosmos

please don't tell me you don't "believe" it.

as if that were even an option. 

every time i watch i'm like...question everything!

also is it weird i want to bone neil degrasse tyson?

like, an embarrassing amount of bone. 


someone told me about the seabuckthorn cleanser from living libations and how their skin has never looked better....i am awaiting it's arrival.

i'll let you know how it works.

i may have gone a little crazy on their site and ordered this and this too. 


my friend nelya alerted me to this stupidity.

looks like i know what i'll be doing this weekend. 


this adorable chair is $115.

someone buy it for their porch. 

or living room. 

or bedroom. 


i've seen a lot of tribal/suzani/ethnic cloth bags lately.

i am on board. 

these are a few of my favorites...

here, here, here, here and here.

this one is mine.. 


have a peaceful, safe weekend. 

i'm going to this.

come say hi.