summer pinks

veranda should advertise bigger.

i am currently enjoying the pinkish-reds for summer. 


thank you for the advice regarding summer.  it was nice to see so many of you in the same boat, from a connective point of view.  and i loved hearing similar stories to mine about your childhood summers, like late night games in the dark....ours was ghost in the graveyard and kick the can.  someone would always leave injured.  like, running-through-barbed-wire injured.

it was also nice to hear your perspectives about how perhaps things aren't really that different, but that maybe our expectations as parents have changed. we structure.  we hover.  we worry about everything. and we feel guilty all the time.  i can't speak for my mother but i don't feel like my mom ever hovered or worried about the little things all that much and there was very little structure.   i'm sure she wasn't in fear of me being susie salmon'd.  i live in fear of that all the time. 

and i also agree that information today travels at unfathomable speed.  everywhere you look is one tragic story after another.  our faces are in computers all the live long day.  so, we worry.  we relate and we worry.  

i'm going to do better about maybe trying to be less structured in the summer.  my structure for fiona tends to be selfishly driven anyway.  i's tirrred at 8 and wants to sit down and watch the tee-vee.  

so, here's to catching fireflies and a game of hide and seek. and incorporating my own sense of freedom in the hopes that it will trickle down. 


happy first weekend of summer!!