new paintings

good tuesday all.  a new batch of paintings entered my store yesterday. it's been a while. 

this one is big. and the colors are strong. it took me several weeks to get it just right.  but that's because it started too pink.  then too green.  and once i let myself go and just start intuitively painting it, it became something entirely different.  the result is layered and full of life. yes?

there are streaks of paint.  globs of paint and subtle spots and markings with charcoal and crayon. 

i would hang this on dark walls.  charcoal, black, inky blue, swampy blue, mossy mint green.  it would also be SUPER awesome on girly, floral chintz wallpaper.  I KNOW!!!




18 x 24 paper

this one was also born from mistakes.  but it was my favorite mistake ever i think.  you can see the background colors peeking through. corals and pinks.  my favorites.  but i wasn't loving it. so i hit the whole thing with different blues and greens and purples.  the result is washy and blendy.  there are tiny bits of cobalt, red and ballet pink oil pastel as well. just for contrast and eye wandering. 




16 x 20 canvas

i currently have this hanging on my minty green dining room walls and it looks fantastic. 

i would be cool if it never sold.  


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