#tbt...plus SCIENCE!

to that time i did that commercial you never saw...


those nails ate thousands of dicks.


a few updates:

#1.  i am on antibiotics for the first time in 10 or more years.

a couple of things about that...

i try to avoid antibiotics for most everything as i think that they are grossly over-prescribed.

and i think that as a result we have a shit load more hardcore bacteria that are just plain smarter than those antibiotics. 

don't get me wrong...those drugs have a place.  an important place in critically ill people.

but seriously, for an infected sinus cavity?  in my opinion your body has all it needs, if you keep it healthy, to fight the bacteria in a sinus infection.  and moreover, people with constant sinus infections who run to antibiotics for every single one are more than likely to struggle with sinus infections for the rest of their damn life.  i have seen this with my own 2 eyes in more people than i'd like to admit. 

apparently when the dentist implanted the titanium screw in my mouth the screw went all up in my sinus cavity. and an infection started to grow. i woke up saturday with aches and chills. 

so since there was a foreign body in my mouth and it wasn't just a sinus infection, so to speak, i agreed to take a course of antibiotics.  because i value my life.  

but because i'm me...i googled all research done on antibiotics since 1953. 

i learned that perhaps the gentlest (if you could call it that) antibiotic with the least amount of side effects due to toxicity are the family of penicillins.   there are 3 types of penicillins:  the natural penicillins, penicillinase resistant penicillins and aminopenicillins.  

i am taking an aminopenicillin- amoxicillin.   so far i have had zero side effects.  i have been on it for 6 days now.  here's the catch though, it IS still an antibiotic and therefore it is still killing EVERYTHING in there. so i have been taking as many acidophilus pills as antibiotics. i am using a brand called ultimate flora critical care 50 billion.  they are not cheap.  and they must be refrigerated.  i am sure there are better out there and i know there are worse.  but so far i think they are keeping my digestive system as balanced as possible.  so far no snatchsquatch.  i think it is important to continue taking the probiotics for at least the same amount of time you were on the antibiotics in large quantities and then settle into 1 a day for several months after.  this should keep your intestines from developing any sort of bacterial  infection such as c. diff. you do not want c. diff. 

another thing you want to do, HAVE to do while taking antibiotics is drink a shitload of water. i have been drinking 3 liters of water a day since being on them and can i just say how incredibly hard that is?!   3 liters of water is a lot.   i was obviously dehydrated before as i think by comparison i was drinking maybe 1 litre a day.  sometimes less i know it.  plus i was drinking coffee in the AM and wine in the PM (afternoon).  notorious dehydrators. 

another interesting tidbit i learned in my research was that many people who say they are allergic to penicillin actually, maybe, are not. actually.  read this

i was one of those people who thought i was allergic.  i found the article interesting and figured i'd ask my mom if she remembers me being allergic to penicillin. she couldn't remember so i thought i'd take a gamble figuring perhaps itchy skin might not be an allergic reaction at all but rather a normal reaction.  so far i am clearly not allergic to penicillin.  but i do think i owe a lot of the zero side effect thing to the large quantities of probiotic and the ocean of water i have been drinking. 



ok.  that about covers that.  


and finally today....

guys i am embarrassingly obsessed with ladies of london.  are you watching?  ugh.  the jealousy.  it burns. 

i love you..

please tell me you are watching.  and that you also have a lady crush on caroline stanbury. 

i will cut andy cohen's throat out if he doesn't renew this bitch.