so many shades. so few rooms. 

i am dreaming up a project for an old dresser of mine that involves bright blue paint (somewhere between that polka dotted sofa from anna spiro up there and that door frame in the first pic) and some moroccan stencils.  why yes, i WILL go on with my bad self. 


it's friday and the weekend is here...what are you doing?   i am doing something kinda cool and exciting.  i am acting in a film that's part of the 48hr film project.  it involves cell phones and improv.  that's all i know.   if you aren't familiar the 48hr film project is exactly make a movie in 48 hours.  i will be up til the wee hours of the morning and then shooting pick-ups tomorrow.  i am looking forward to just about every aspect of this except THAT. 


see you monday!