i've never in my life had a proper bed.

it's always been a mattress and a box spring on top of a metal frame.  no headboard.  no foot board.  i may have had some sort of wooden, twin thing as a kid but i don't really remember which is telling me that it wasn't super great. 

and i've been sleeping on the same mattress for about 14 years.  don't tell anyone bc that's gross. 

so, yeah.  it's time for a new bed.  and mattress.  


i want a bed-bed.  not a headboard attached to a frame. i want a B. E. D.  upholstered probably as i want it to be soft and stuff.  i want no part of a bedskirt. 

but i have a problem with most of the beds i see.  they are either way too modern or too close to the floor, the headboard is too tall (hate that),  too tufted, too may nail heads, too girly or too $$$$$.  i don't want elaborate. i want it to lean toward modern but still be soft and feminine.  


i have found 2 maybe 3 that i actually like.  

they are:

i like this one probably best because it's modern but not too modern, clean-looking but still slightly feminine.  it's pretty darn expensive though.  doable but expensive. 


i've always had this picked as the bed i was saving for, but lately i am side-eyeing that tufting. i am really on the fence with this one. i think it's nice but i wonder if it's too close to the floor. 


this is a platform bed which i don't like.  but i love the caning on the headboard and yet the base is what fred flintstone would look like if he were a bed.  still, i can't help but kinda like it.  

i am closer to nothing here. 

do you love your bed?  tell me. please.