kitchen of the day and a fresh start

i came across an image of this kitchen in the latest veranda magazine.

i don't know why but it feels like it's laughing at me and my 80's kitchen (with its cabinet doors that are held closed with rubber bands). 


it's just so pretty. 

even the refrigerator is painted. 

this is about as far as i would ever go in the mural department. 

and if you told me you were going to do this i would snatch that paintbrush right out of your goddamn hand. 

but i love it. 

it seems extravagant yet attainable. 

it's like being inside a delft teacup. 

it also seems it could have been painted 100 years ago or yesterday.

 what are your thoughts?

(in all honesty i'd probably be sick of it in 5 minutes)


in other news..

i have a new instagram.

the old one is dead. 

too many stalkers.

and yes, the new one is private. 

but that's ok. 

request away.

i am trying to weed out the haters from the legit friends of mfamb, jenny andrews anderson and my work.

if you only want to see me do good in life you are welcome to request a follow.

otherwise, S a D


**update- if you yourself are a private instagrammer i will need to strongly consider your request.  i'm sorry for those of you who genuinely have good intentions but it's a pretty big risk to take when i am trying to weed out the assholes.  perhaps a personal email to me would help.  i KNOW! i'm the worst.  but lately i've just been too sad about it and i don't want to feel that way anymore.  

kitchen design by thomas britt.