the people over at red envelope contacted me and asked me if i wanted to take part in their anatomy of a picnic style guide. and well, i am nothing if not a picnic style expert so i said yes.  

i thought about what it means to make a successful picnic for approximately 7 seconds. 


delicious food and the perfect spot are what i came up with.  i suppose you could add in the perfect group of people but i thought that sometimes a solo picnic is even better.  and well, it can be hard to find people more awesome than yourself. 

a view, a blanket, a pillow, a good book and a box of lobster potato salad is all anyone needs to create the ultimate picnic. 

here is what inspired me..


fjords are pretty.


i need that knife. 

kitten on a picnic.

create your own ultimate picnic...

string lights / pillow / red kilim floor pillow / moroccan floor pillow / round cushions / blue kantha quilt / blue willow tea cups / cutting board with dome / pink quilt / antique picnic basket / sponge ware plates / mix and match flatware / vintage tin (to store your mix and match flatware. adorable.)

i daresay having this stuff all packed up in your basket and ready to go would inspire more picnixz.

ok, the pillows wouldn't fit. and please don't store lobster potato salad in you basket.