summer stealz

there are a lot of good sales crappenin' right now. 

i picked a few items from around the internet that i think are steals.

they are:

i've had my eye on this rug for a while.  i've seen it in person and can attest to it's loveliness. 

original price: $799. sale price: $499 for a 9 x 12.


this is a gorgeous navy velvet tuxedo sofa.  and the kicker is it's nearly half off. 

original price- $3,995.  sale price- $1,195.  not sure what the shipping is but i think that whatever it is it would still be a sound investment.  in fact all of his line for jc penney is on clearance.  


like this..

this bookcase is pretty much perfect.  this tomato red is my favorite of the bunch, how good would this look against chocolate walls?  but it also comes in turquoise, white, gray and black. 

original price: $1,860. sale price: $555. 


this is a pretty bed.  period. 

original price: $2,835 for a queen.  sale price: $849.


this went into my cart yesterday.  my old one had seen better days and just wasn't delivering the non-stick anymore. everyone needs a non-stick and one that's not filled with nasty shit that can make you sick.  a 12" non-stick is a kitchen essential.  trust.  you will be glad you bought this.  

original price: $49.95. sale price: $24. 99. 

this is a handsome side table.  would also work well as 2 side by side in front of the sofa. these are giving me beach vibe, but also modern country.  i like.  also comes in square shaped.  above rules apply. 

original price: $299.  sale price: $199. 

a good price for a large scale piece of art.  this sucker is 55" x 40".

original price: $268. sale price: $134.95

clockwise from top L: dot, provence, parish, sophia

furbish is having a great sale today.  among my favorites on deal alone are their shower curtains.  

original price: $150-$98. sale price: $88- $68.


these are so beautiful and simple.  the color is outstanding.  i think you should buy both and hang them side by side.  i do. 

original price: $168. sale price: $84.95.


and finally...

i own the one that looks like a sideways eye. i love it. it's in my bedroom and adds warmth and texture.  it's got a boho vibe but with a modern edge.  which makes it really versatile. 

original price: $58-$228. sale price: $29.95-$99.95.



ok then.  go grab you a deal.