pajamas and dick algorithms

this isn't so much a blog post as a commercial for some shit i like.  ok wait, that IS A blog post. 


this week is truly a whirlwind of busy for me so i have had zero time to cull a blog post worthy of you.


but i have been wearing these pajamas non stop since i bought them...

also in midnight blue with the palest peach trim..


i thought i should let you know about them.

these are the softest pajamas i have ever owned. 

and if there were more colors i would have snatched them all up.

i will wear only these in the summer and they better fucking make a winter version is all i am saying.

they being target. 

unfortunately they are all sold out online.

so if you see them in your local target buy them.

i'm not joking....softest. pajamas. ever.

and also this..

please watch this.

they disabled the embed code which is dumb

it's NSFW but man it's good.

it's writing like this that keeps me inspired as an actor. 

mike judge deserves more writing opportunities. 

i would watch all of the things he wrote. 

that's it. 

see ya later.