recent and future acquisitions

1. this caftan is a future acquisition. but the price is right and it is so damn versatile. 


2. i recently sauntered into nordstrom and saw that they now have a topshop area.

i did not know this previously and i blame everyone. 

this cute little palm print dress spoke to me.

it was soft, inexpensive and comfy. 

that is all the criteria i need. 


3. i don't own a lot of lady clothes.  mostly i dress in t-shirts and cut off sweat shorts and all are covered in paint.

but i am a sucker for boden's ladylike blouses and this year i broke down and bought a few.

i reasoned that every girl needs a few ladylike blouses. 

for those business-type days when you want to look like you know a thing or two about a thing or seven.

bonus is they are cute, versatile and inexpensive. 


4. years ago i had some black cigarette pants that i LOVED from club monaco.

i wore them to death.

i needed new. 

these from topshop are awesome.

and they are 44 bucks so i ordered 2.

i can only advise you to do the same.

come fall you will thank me.


5. and if you are really REALLY smart you will pair them with these lady shoes.


6. i saw this little outfit on pinterest..

and thought it were about as cute as cute gets.

so i went about recreating the look with this t-shirt...



7. this skirt


8. the other ladylike blouse.

it has wiener dogs on it. 

and i plan on wearing it with..


9. this yellow skirt.

long live the a-line.

universally flattering i say. 


10. let me tell you a story.

i ordered these swedish hasbeens and when i put them on it was like stuffing a sausage into a very tight hole.  

they fit my foot fine from toe to heel, but the width!  

i sent them back immediately. 

i have since learned that these shoes are designed to stretch and grow with your foot so that eventually, one day, they will be SO comfortable that you'll never want to take them off. 

and they are meant to last you forever and be like, heirloom shoes or something that your daughter will want to wear one day.

apparently these people have never met me and my feet. 

anyway...i love them so much from a fashion standpoint.

so i ordered these in the stretchiest looking leather nature color

and yes, i plan on wearing them with pretty much everything i own.


11. these denim boy shorts are the best there are. 

great fit. 

they stretch to a perfect hang after a few hours.


12. this tank in every color.

such a great cut and fit. 

trust me.  flatters even the sausage-i-est of arms. 


that's it for now.

shopping heals the soul. 

don't let anyone tell you otherwise.