big fourth of july tittiez

always on the hunt for bathing suits that fit my enormous jugs i came across malia mills.

i had filed that name in my brain's swim category before so it wasn't new to me but i was blown away by the use of women with realistic bodies modeling swimwear!  this was so far from the usual tear-soaked pages of my victoria's secret catalog. 


as a plus-sized girl in the boob department i was happy to see curvy women with legit cellulite modeling stylish bathing suits.  i was sold.  


the suits don't come cheap. that maillot up there clocks in at $360.  and most of the tops are around $250.  bottoms about $150-$250.  but to me feeling confident in a bathing suit is something you can't put a price on.  and to find quality swimwear that comes in my size (E!!) is nothing short of miraculous.  as much as i'd like to waltz into target every season and buy the newest trend in bikini, i can't.  it's like, not even a possibility.  

now which one do i choose?! i LOVE the jayne maillot (last one pictured) for bloated days at the beach.  but for bikini needs i think i go juliette top (in sequoia) with sweet okole bottom (also in sequoia).  bonus- i can totally poop my pants if i buy a brown bathing suit. 


you guys have a happy fourth.  don't blow your tits off with roman candles.