in my mind chintz has always been fabric with some big ass flowers on it.  but technically a chintz is just a cotton printed fabric.  glazed or unglazed.  i'm not sure why or how glazed chintz ever became the rage.  because gag.  but i will not deny that the anglophile in me really really wants some chintz on some things.


chintz typically feels at home in these fancy settings but i'd like you to expand your horizons a bit with me for a second.  because i hear you squawking like an angry goose through the internet about chintz being too 80's or too granny or too fancy for you...


oh, look at that.  beach chintz. 


retro modern chintz.

nuevo estilo chintz.  (spanish bohemian chintz) (i make shit up as i go).

eclectic chintz. 


eclectic meets contemporary chintz. 


modern farmhouse chintz.


rich hippie chintz. 

vintage chintz.

and more...

there might be some glazing going on here.  but those sconces.


here are some of my favorite chintzes...


dalston rose by house of hackney.  a bit like pyne hollyhock (another favorite) but less. 

chantilly by colefax and fowler

fairhaven by jane churchillgosh i love this simple chintz.  it's not overly decadent.  it's just right. i could see this upholstered on a modern bed. 

beaufort by colefax and fowler. 

don't feel like upholstering anything?


 buy some already chintzed up items..

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 

that peacock-blue queen headboard is only $300.  and it is gorgeous.  i could see it against even deeper blue walls.  

and those mid century chairs are a steal too.  

or just get a damn chintz pillow.

today i am the oprah of chintzes. "YOU GET A CHINTZ! AND YOU GET A CHINTZ! AND YOU GET A CHINTZ!!!!".