all of saturday and half of sunday i did just that with the first season (and first 3 episodes of the second season) of orange is the new black.

i have a migraine to show for it but also a true love obsession.

what a show. 

it's campy, funny, sad, ridiculous and totally TOTALLY addictive. 

i find myself caught off guard laughing and then crying..because UGH!  they are normal women who made mistakes that any one of us could make.  (i want to punch me with that sentence too)

don't get me wrong, there are crazies (hilarious hilarious crazies) but mostly this show is so god damn relatable in such unexpected ways. 

do you watch?!

i am seriously in love with each of these characters.

they're like crack. 

it's a total soap opera.  only better. 

if you don't watch, well by god you should. 

you absolutely will not regret it. 

i think it's damn near impossible. 

i was hooked after the first episode.

by the second i was a goner. 


in other news...

today is the first day of school. 

i am not sad.