wishlists and deals

1. this might be the cutest, most versatile little cape/jacket/blazer i've seen yet. 

dressed up or down, 

it's a perfect wardrobe pick-me-up.

and only $68!

2. again with the versatile! 

these sheer booties would be awesome with a skater dress, heavy-cuffed boyfriend jeans or culottes.  (they're back in case you didn't know)

3. best muscle tees i've found. 

great tees to wear under blazers. 

comes in light blue too.

4. i have been lusting over this green glass pendant for a while now. 

it's ginormous and not cheap. 

but i've seen more expensive and not nearly as cool.

so, there's that. 

i would put this in my green dining room.

but it would be super duper great in an all white lounge-y, sunken type of a room. 

or a razzle-dazzle, foxy bedroom. 

5. pet bowls!!  

the cutest pet bowls around i think. 

6. this chair is cool period end of discussion. 

it's part of trina turk's pop-up shop over on one king's lane.

i'd easily take every single thing in it, like....

7. this rug for starters. 

it's a perfect blend of tribal and modern. 

which is to say sometimes ourains are just TOO tribal. 

this one is perfect. 

just doing my blogger duty to inform you of all the cute things you think you need. 

come back on friday to see all the new paintings i will be adding to my shop. 

until then...