talkin bout some stuff

hey there.  today we're talking about some stuff.

first up..facials.

i had one. 

i have had 3 facials in my life. maybe 4.  and the last one i had was well over 10 years ago.  so long that i can't even remember where or when it was exactly.

what a treat.  i just kept thinking the whole time, WHY did i not do this sooner?  it was so relaxing and indulgent.  it's like getting a massage for the face.  but with products that help your skin facilitate a glow and a deep clean.   

i went to judith of budapest.  i can't recommend her enough.  she has a tiny office here in the buckhead neighborhood of atlanta.  the prices weren't ridiculous.  about what you'd pay for a massage. she assessed my skin:  "good texture, good elasticity, beautiful!"  "a little dry around the eyes"  "some pimples..they look hormonal"... she proclaimed the vitamin C facial.  

it was glorious.  that's really about all i can say.  lots of steam, creams, scrubs, masks, massaging and tapping. 

 judith tells me that one should get a facial every month and a half.  this seems doable and reasonable. though i am most certain i will not adhere to this.  what do you say?  surely some of you get them on the reg.  


this weekend i spent some time with my LA homegirl, molly.  nothing like spending time with good friends to impart a little natural glow. 

although i got hammered and felt that glow turn to a dusky shade of dead on saturday morning.


but on sunday...

i gardened. 

and that is my favorite. 

not pictured:

chioggia beets, chard and cauliflower. 



and in coffee table news...


i am having this sucker made for about .000001% of the original cost.

sometimes you gotta take matters into your own hands. 

because frankly most coffee tables in my budget are not that interesting. 

i like this one for it's modern simplicity. (it's huge and low. totes wabi sabi)

i feel like you could dress it up with a fancy tufted velvet sofa or dress it down with a slipcovered canvas marshmallow of a sofa. 

and it's wood and battered a little so bring on the kids and meals. 


and FINALLY...

who's watching? 

ya, know.???....hmmm....ok.....

it's one of those things where you watch because you read the books and you wanna like it  a lot because JAMIE FRASER, but then the casting seems all wrong but you continue to watch because JAMIE FRASER,  but then it seems to be getting cheesier with the weird voiceover that sounds like a high school play voiceover and you can totally tell the difference between the real scottish accents and the fake ones and you really shouldn't be able to tell that but then you find yourself getting excited for saturday night because JAMIE FRASER so you watch but then nothing happens with JAMIE FRASER. 


if you have no idea what i am talking about go here

and then go here.


if you DO know what i am talking about,  hi-5!

but also, let's discuss. 

is it just me?  do you love it?  is it as you expected?

i'm not 100% on board...yet. 

i have this sense of hope because..well...JAMES FRASER!!!!


talk it out.