fall refresh

fall is coming.

prepare thyself. 

here are just a few items to spruce up your wardrobe and get you fall-ready...(BECAUSE THAT'S IMPORTANT!)

1. i am obsessed with all zara has to offer for fall. 


these sweater pants are at the top of my list. 

there's a matching sweater that comes with it and, as an outfit, it's so awful it's awesome.


2. i need a smart blazer to zshush up jeans and such. 

this one from topshop is exactly right. 

it says, "i'm right on top of that rose".  in the best way possible. 


3.  this nail color is fall in a tiny, pretty bottle. 


4. i get that these loeffler randall slip-ons aren't everyone's cup of tea but i LUH-HUV them. 

slip ons are my favorite and these would be so good with so much.

a flippy, a-line skirt, a pencil skirtcigarette trousers and those sweater pants again.


5. don't try to pretend that your skin doesn't look like a hormonal teenager's skin and an old lady's skin had sex and made your skin, in the fall.

i bit the bullet and bought tata harper's rejuvenating serum

good skin doesn't grow on trees people. 


6.  i wore out my grandpa sweater last winter.

this one from zara is my replacement.

it also comes in a delightful old man shade of olive

i'm telling you, zara really really gets me this year.


7. i would have already ordered this dress but i bought that tata harper face punch. 

however, all i need is just one party invite to order it. JUST one!

just say the word...

it's so so pretty. 

SO pretty. 


8. do we all really have enough booties?

the answer is yes.  

we all really have enough booties....IN BLACK!

but not nearly enough booties in taupe suede with buckles

case closed. 


9. perfect fall bag.

the end. 


10.  this jacket couldn't be any cooler if it tried. 

not much else to say except cara delevingne wearing it...


just doin' my job.