craigslist all week : minneapolis

i had planned to do 2 cities but minneapolis was chock full of stuffs. 

i won't tell you which city got pre-empted because she will just be the guest star tomorrow. 

but minneapolis had a bunch of goodness.

i could have picked so much more but simply ran out of time. 

bamboo server $200.

what's not to love? 

think of all the paint possibilities. 

glossy gray?  hot pink?  deep navy? minty green? forrest green? 

i'd change out that hardware for some brass ring pulls. 


king size wood headboard $75.

paint it white and call it a day. 


brass, glass and chrome nesting tables $63

i'd ask if they'd take $57.


french art deco leather club chairs $399.

that's a negotiating price if i've ever seen one. 

they are pretty beat up...some good some bad.

i think a professional could repair the rips fairly easily.

these things are awesome and CRAZY expensive when they are in decent shape with no rips.

apart from the rips here they are perfectly worn in. 


like new anthropologie leather cotswold sofa $1495

this sofa retails for over $4k.

so this is a good deal period end of.


vintage tole mirror $189.

so cute and so unique. 

would be perfect for a little girl's bedroom or bathroom. 

i would love to see it hung on top of floral wallpaper. 


rust velvet parsons chairs $250.

yes and yes. 


spot milk glass lamps with gold leaf shades $200


they are huge too at 34" tall. 

such a statement.  make your whole bedroom. 

or living room. 



oscar de la renta library rack $200.

who knew mr. de la renta made furniture? 

i didn't. 

this thing is awesome.

i'd use it for cookbook display but that's just me. 

i could also see it in a fancy pants english bohemian meets sporty scholar baby room. 


2 wicker love seats $75

these are made of that weather resistant stuff so that's good. 

no peeling, rotting, moldy wicker. 

plus they are cute.  


bamboo love seat and chairs $200

these have cozy fall porch written all over them. 


antique brass chest $50 

stylish little side table. 


this whole set up here intrigues me.

the perfect little bentwood chairs are for sale for $200.

but the table is too...the table was a prototype for something they had built.

this one here they are selling for $110.

it's 74" around which is huge and fantastic!  a big round table is so hard to find.

the top is thick plywood painted black and the legs are solid pipe wrapped in twine!!

i don't know..maybe it's the picture but i'd be super interested in seeing this all in person. 

it all looks really stylish.

all the lamps, the black and white and wood scheme...i like it. 


i think i could dedicate 2 days to minneapolis. 

for serious. 

if you live in minneapolis and are looking for something specific, email me..i might have seen it.