atlanta show house

oh hey.

on saturday the moms and i went to the atlanta homes and lifestyles magazine show house.


i heralded the crisp morning with my favorite boots, some plaid 

and zero pants. 


first stop was the farmhouse inn restaurant for some very expensive but delicious fried chicken and wine.  the chive biscuits and red pepper jelly were the best i've ever had. 


the steps leading up to the restaurant.

so southern. 

we also took some time to walk around the vegetable garden which is my favorite spot in the whole place...

for various reasons...

can you spot the bees? 

this girl was the size of the palm of my hand. 

i hear tell the bigger the spider at the end of summer the colder the winter.

or maybe it's the bigger the web.

either way FUCK SPIDERS!


after a bit of wandering around the farm we made our way to the show house..

this is the path/bridge that leads up the the house.  that's it there on the left. 

beautiful copper lanterns lit the way. 

they were also attached to the house in various spots and they were beautiful. 


you enter into a small foyer which i did not take a picture of. 

then right into the kitchen, dining and sitting room...which i also did not take a picture of.


i seemed to take pics of the rooms/things that appealed to me...mostly things. 


this bedroom is downstairs and i am guessing it is the master. 

the rug was beautiful.  in fact, pretty much all the rugs in the house were my favorite. 




susan hable had her paper art pieces all over the house.

and they were all my favorite. 


another of susan's work on top of impressive de gournay fish paper. 

this stuff is seriously gorgeous in person. 

the pink in those fish is the best pink in the world. 

more botanics. 


this mirror was kind of everything. 

like a giant barbed vagina mouth ready to swallow you. 


loved this painting a whole bunch. 

can't remember who painted it but i think i remember it was 35,000 dollars. 


this rug does not photograph well but it was really pretty in person. 

it had a vague botanic/pressed flower feel. 

a big element throughout the house.


another fantastic rug. 

this was the basement office? i think?

and the basement was really the best part. 


this room was my favorite bc it had so much personality. 

niki papadopoulos decorated it and she won. 


i honestly didn't intend to go to "review" the house.

which is probably why i didn't take that many photos.

it was a show house and it felt like a show house. 

the thing that really bothered me was the house itself. 

it was tall and narrow with small rooms and lots of them. 

like i couldn't picture at all who lived in this house. 

the rooms were all beautifully decorated, you can't argue with that. 

it gave off an out of africa in the south vibe. 

muted browns and creams and graphite, loads of texture and lots of nature elements.

pretty and very thoughtful but...not so inspiring. 


you can see a full list of the designers here

and i'm sure the next issue of atlanta homes and lifestyles magazine will have all the pictures you'll need. 

it is definitely worth the trip out if you live in atlanta, especially if you've never been to serenbe before. 

serenbe is my happy place so i'd go see a sesame street decorated house if it was there. 


ok. back to work you crazy kids.