new in the shop

hello. i have some new things to share.



11 x 14


11 x 14


22 x 30


22 x 30

pure 4

14 x 17

i am smitten with shadow palm and wildwood.

i want to see them framed immediately. 

did you know i can have any of my paper paintings framed for you?

i did that recently for a client because it was a gift for his wife and i was like, that was easy as hell why haven't i been offering this service all along?

i use framed and matted and it takes an additional 2 weeks but it's totally worth it because the frames are custom built and they use 100% wood and UV acrylic rather than glass so shipping is safer and cheaper, also lower glare.

for the larger paintings i usually go with the brompton frame in white. but i can customize it to your specification.

for the smaller paintings i use the landon, also in white.  

but there are several to choose from so it's totally up to you. 

i typically like a simple white frame. 

but depending on the work i might go black (that's what she said).

for example, with the sloe painting i would use either the black brompton frame or the gold lincoln frame. 

so, yes...i can also help you choose your frame. 

the prices are reasonable and vary depending on whether or not you want a mat,

and what size etc..

and if i'm honest i think it's invaluable that the artist helps you pick the frame for their work. 

there. i said it. 


so, if you are interested here's what you do..

1. buy the painting you want.

2. email me and tell me you bought it and that you'd like a frame. 

3. we talk about stuff for a minute and then i get you a quote for your frame.

4. you agree on said quote. 

5. i send you an invoice.

6. you pay the invoice. 

7. once the frame arrives at MY HOUSE i will frame your painting. (roughly 1 1/2 weeks from purchase day)

8. i take the newly framed painting to ship.

9. my shippers will package it up and send me a shipping quote.

10. i invoice you that quote.

11. you pay that invoice.

12. your painting is on it's way to you!! ready to hang!! me with questions. 

and for the record i have no deal with framed and matted, as far as i know they have no idea i even exist. i use them for my own personal art collection and i love the quality and ease of use. 

that said, you can totally do all of this yourself. 

it's a super easy process.


ok then that's enough rambling for one day.