kitchen of the day

i'm a fan of real life.

it's friday already and that's nuts.

time goes and goes and goes.

doesn't it?

let's see..

i pulled the trigger and am having a bed custom made.

more details on that soon. 

and my custom made coffee table should be ready in the next few weeks.

who am i?! 

i bought a mini trampoline for tracy.

i aim to bounce on it in a ridiculous fashion 3xs a week. 

speaking of fashion.

it's fashion week which means nothing to me other than i wish i was staying here

and wearing these

what else...

i have an audition for this show today.

it's a pretty big role and i am pretty damn perfect for it.

i just need to reel in my audition nerves. 


i plan on making this and can only advise you to do the same. 

and lastly...

i'm sure i will mention this again but i will be performing in an alumni improv show at my old theatre, whole world theatre.  oct. 10th.  call or go online for tickets.

it will sell out fast.  so, if you want to see me play ridiculous characters and do ridiculous accents....get on it. 

that about covers it. 

don't go changin.