craigslist all week : seattle + atlanta

craigslist all week?

yes.  craigslist all week. 

i aim to bring you the best craigslist has to offer all over the fucking country. 

2 cities a day.

 first up..

i will always be comforted by utilitarian things that are brass.

this little shelf would be perfect on a bitty stretch of wall in the bathroom.

i would hold all my prettiest bottles and jars on it. 

and it is 20 bucks


what an adorable little dry sink/cabinet.

this would be a great piece to use as a bar set up.

it could hold all your bar things perfectly..cocktail napkins in the drawers, small glasses on the bottom.

and it's perfectly patinated.


(also great in a bathroom or a hall near a bathroom to store towels and such)


be still my heart. 

i will forever be searching for this elusive country mouse rock star- the english pine chest with big pine knobs. 

this one is $295 and worth every penny. 


fantastic carrara marble face bookends. 



4 vintage italian cane and chrome chairs. 

these are handsome and at $40 each a worthy investment. 


22 round brass cabinet or drawer knobs!

what are you waiting for seattle?

buy these and stick them somewhere!

$39 for all of them. 


this mid century cabinet might be the steal of the century. 

a bar? a media cabinet? bedside?

it's $25

that's not a typo. 

they will deliver too. 


if you don't have a sharp edges issue, this brass and glass coffee table is awesome. 

it's regency, spanish-y, flashy and minimal all in one. 

in other words: it's versatile as fuck!!

and it's only $125


this. chair. yes. 

it was recently reupholstered for a play, so hardly ever used, and now they are selling it for $25!!

it's pink!!

it's new upholstery!!

it's twenty five dollars!!

ok, i changed my mind...THIS is the deal of the day. 

(truthfully seattle has a strong mid century chair game right now)



vintage signed lithos



i love these.  



this chest has a rather unfortunate finish but it has serious potential. 

what an awesome trunk for toys or books. 

oil based paint. so glossy and so durable. 

cream? lavender? soft coral? for girls.

kelly green? gray? red? for boys. 


well done seattle. 

moving on to my home town...

what awesome storage for an artist. 

it's a wee bit orange tho for a house artist like myself. 

i'd give it a quick sanding and maybe a gray wash.

for a studio it's good to go. 



another bar table option?

twist legs and ball and claw feet make this extra special.

also really love the dark finish. 

could see this in the bathroom with a tray on top and some soft, white towels on the bottom. 



just some cute cane stools for $14. 



dry sink/cabinet for $250.

see seattle's version for ideas. 


giant farm table

GREAT price.




2 bright pink and cream damask chairs, $80 for BOTH

that's a deal right there. 

they are great looking chairs. 



brass or gold plated clothing rack

this is great for a little girl and her dress up stuff. 

i wish i had the space for it. 


ok then. 

who will be next?

come back tomorrow and find out.