craigslist all week : charleston and san francisco

one might think that charleston would be loaded with amazing finds, from old pine sideboards over from the motherland to sweet-ass regency mirrors and such.


make no mistake there are plenty of fantastic antiques on charleston's craigslist..

but these folks are either crazy or rich trying to get richer. 

in other words...there just weren't a lot of deals to be had.

and if they weren't overpriced for craigslist they were just plain ugly. 

most of them the latter. 

i thought charleston was full of stylish people?

nevertheless i found the deals that spoke to me the hardest and here they are..

pastel turkish silk rug



i'll bet they'd take $100. 

perfect for a bath.


adorable lounge chairs.

i'd sand off that glossy honey-brown finish and paint them bright white, matte.

then recover in this

$275 for the pair. 


this sofa is a steal at $350.

upholstery wouldn't be cheap but holy cow what a sofa you'd have.

i'd go midnight or charcoal velvet all the way. 

like this


burl olive wood credenza for $575.

that's not cheap but it's also underpriced for what it is. 

in the right space it would sing. 


lucite and glass coffee table 


a great deal. 

square coffee tables are hard to find. 


impossibly cute wood and wicker desk.

so many possibilities.

a bar?  bedside desk?  entry? 



and that's pretty much it. 

better luck next time charlestonians. 


moving on to..

oddly enough san francisco suffers the same problem..

overpriced for craigslist (seriously people get a chairish account) or overpriced period.


9 x 11 art deco chinese rug

these things are usually silk and look better as they age. 

the colors are rust, navy, celadon and camel. 

a good price at $525.

and i'd bet you could get it for less. 

these rugs cost a fortune everywhere else. 


this cobalt glass floor lamp in the right hands would make a whole room. 

it's fantastic. 

but it's $400. 

someone with vision please buy it. 


perfectly patinated pine coffee table

use it thusly

$450 (i know. but it's perfection)


i can't believe this is less than the coffee table but that's craigslist for ya. 

nonetheless...this is a pretty piece of furniture.

i see it in an entry but it would be equally at home in a large bathroom or as extra towel storage in the hall or a bedroom. 


it's a lot of bang for the buck. 


bernhardt sofa for $150. 

great lines. 

i'd recover it in white cotton canvas. 


a handsome and slightly beat-up leather and wood chair never hurt anyone. 



2 regency style tables

it's a lotta look. 

but in the right room they would be awesome. 


tables? benches?

i think they are pretty interesting. 

i'd use them in a beachy minimal setting. 


very cool and very awesome chrome and glass cart.


another basic wooden coffee table

i just love them. 




real good italian tole chandelier.




feel free to nominate your town.

but please make it your town.

not your state. 

there are several choices per state.

ok then. 

big gulps, huh?

alright.  welp.  see ya later.