stuck in mah craw


*** i am presently having a love seat upholstered in chocolate velvet. when it comes home it will share space with my leather oly bench that was recently re-upholstered in a sea foam blue-green velvet. i am currently on the lookout for the perfect chair to join the party wearing chartreuse velvet.

***also invited to that party is my friend beni. some internet slags would have you think beni ourain rugs are over. beni rugs are classic and work with every conceivable interior design. 

 planning a post on that particular topic later this week.  


*** a wall of hamsa hands for everyone. 


***i recently bought this ceramic cloud and love it a lot.

there are so many paintings around me at all times i am keen on alternative forms of wall art.

sculptures mainly.

any ideas where i can find such things?

a wall of hamsa hands?


*** i bought a shelf. just a shelf. for my bathroom. for just my perfumes. 

a little personal joy. 

antidris cassis perfume oil

byredo mojave ghost perfume

coqui coqui tobacco perfume