pretty sure i'm not sure what day it is....and other sparkly thoughts.

every day for the last 3 days has felt like a saturday. but the computer told me it was friday and i cannot abide by that. today is sunday and so is tomorrow and so is sunday.

i was blue yesterday (saturday 3.0). blue of deadness because wine/champagne/wine hangovers are no fun and blue because goodbye 2014. to me another year over is just sad because that's another year closer to dead. no matter how great or shitty the year was. 

i've been reading a lot on blogs and on instagram feeds about how horrible everyone's 2014 was or how they are SO GLAD it's over. yet from where i sit these people appeared to have amazing, stellar years. i'm not judging because who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

but i wonder. wonder what could have happened to make you wish a part of your life was over. must have been pretty terrible.

in my opinion the bad stuff just shapes us and makes us wiser, be grateful for it. but again, not judging just offering perspective. 

i won't say i had a stellar year, we still have plenty of issues here at anderhaus. who doesn't?

but this year was pretty great for me- for us with our businesses.

also nothing tragic happened. so to me that's a winning year. 

i don't buy into the resolution thing.

i think the older you get the happier you are that nothing too terrible happened that day and tomorrow is another so just put one foot in front of the other and keep on moving. 

that seems to be my resolution every day.

sure i'd like to travel more but i don't need to resolve to do that. i need to resolve to make more money to afford it. 

so if a resolution i need then my resolution is to work harder. the end. 


this one turned 10 on new year's eve (saturday 2.0)...


she wants a bigger house and to go to england again.

i tend to agree.

so i will work harder.


we sat around yesterday all of us hungover from something,

alcohol, cake, cold air, late nights...and watched tv and ate more cake.

as crappy as i felt it was my favorite day of this whole winter break. 

this was the best b-day cake i've made to date. 

moist and chocolatey cake, not too sweet.

super rich and sweet buttercream frosting.

the balance was pitch perfect. 


i don't know what 2015 will bring but if it's more of the same that'd be ok. 

i do plan on working harder and growing my business.

i have absolutely no idea how to do that but i will still try. 

this blog won't turn into anything else. 

i might change the logo from red to blue (back to red) but that's about it. 

i will still be that blog that makes zero sense but you just can't quit. (hopefully)

i will be recapping downton because i can't seem to quit. 


i'll end this post with thanks. 

thanks for being with me for 6 years. 

through poop, zits, apple cider vinegar, design turds, my life as a painter, an actress, a mom, a cut up, a dowager countess impersonator and a gomi front page star, #pauladeengate #neverforget


i hope you stick around for more of the same. 


drawing of nicolas bb by annie humphrey

she draws pets. tell her i sent ya.