there's a feeling i get every january-february, like when it feels like you have to pee but barely anything comes out...and there's a burning...that is a UTI, but it's very much like that for me in my heart too when it's not spring yet. 


1.  i want to live in this outfit..

in fact this spring i plan on buying my weight in swing dresses and wearing them with every type of shoe there is.

converse, heeled sandal, flat, bootie, wedge...all the shoes.

some noteworthy spring swing dresses here, here, here and here.  (all 80 bucks and under thankyouverymuch)


2.  and one last note on spring...blunt bob anyone?



3.  have you seen this cool mo fo?

linda rodin is everything.

she breaks all the stupid-ass rules.

more  here.


4.  who's been watching the great british baking show?

it is without a doubt the most anticipated show of the week in our house. 

fiona watches and says ew that looks gross, mike says..mmmmmmpie... and i mimic everyone's accent.   


5.  and finally...

go watch lady edith get her makeup done.


have a fantastic weekend everyone.