get to work

dear god getting out of bed an hour earlier than usual this morning was about as fun as a vagina smash on a boy bike. 

let's get monday off and running anyway.

and quick like because i need to reserve my creative juices for a downton recap.


last year i did the goop detox and lost 3-5 lbs. 

and i think i need it this year more than last.

i drank way too much and ate way too many sweets and meat and gluten and fried things with mayonnaise.

a healthy detox always makes me feel better and kick starts healthy eating again. 

losing those 3 lbs will always guarantee that i don't reach for the chips or cookies when i want a snack.


but first let's clarify some things.

#1. detoxes are dumb. because the truth is most "detoxes" do more harm than good. 

most people who only drink juice for 7 days are going to get sick.  

a juice fast is not for the average person.

know your detox. 


#2. detoxes don't in fact detox. your body does it's own detoxing every day.

what a "detox" does do is help your body rev up your metabolism and motivate your liver to do it's job better.

the goop detox is good in that you eat the right foods to maintain energy and focus as well as keep your metabolism in check.  you might be hungry at times or you might not be. 

i was at certain times of the day but i just ate another snack of the same day or one that was listed on one of the other days.

i also had coffee every day. goop, please. i can't give up that. 

i just followed it with hot lemon water.

i also can't do a smoothie in the morning. 

i would gag. hard. 

having coffee with almond milk first helps me to not feel so hungry when i wake up so i can wait a bit before i tackle the smoothie. 


who's with me?

click here to get the details.

i'm off to the grocery store this am for provisions.