shit i would wear - fave looks from NYFW

i don't post about it much much...but the truth is i love fashion week.

new york, london, milan and paris. i get so excited!

but i love to see the street style way more than the actual designers and their new clothes.

i love to see the clothes on real people. and i love the way that these bloggers, stylists, journalists etc...put their spin on things. it's mega motivating. 

so i have decided to post out the week with my favorite looks from each city. 


starting with new york. 

my favorites are always the ones who's looks are interesting but totally wearable down the street of any town USA. specifically at NWFW. the looks were very casual. (it's always all about the shoes) i suspect they were all waiting to blow their load at paris FW. 



hi 5 ladies. 

you all look super. 


photos via a love is blind