kitchen of the day

photographer massimo vitali's open kitchen in an old church...

via the socialite family.

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just a little update on the home front before i go...

nicolas never returned and we are 99.999% sure that he won't.

i know many of you told your tales of cats returning home after several days, and i thank you for the encouraging hope, but we feel this isn't a possibility for nicolas. in fact we pretty much knew in our hearts that it wasn't after the first 24-48 hours. 

i have been through the ringer emotionally because not knowing is kind of the worst.

i even contacted a psychic. (don't do that. it's really stupid and lame. not to mention a waste of money. it actually made my worry worse.)

we have made peace with the fact that he is gone. i miss him every second and i will always miss him. i loved him more than any animal i've ever had. i loved him more than most people. 

he was the gentlest, smartest, sweetest and coolest cat i've ever known. and i have known a bunch of cats.  

love you and miss you big boy. 

nicolas bb - 1998-2015