a couple three things

is anyone else watching that exceedingly long music video otherwise known as american horror story?

look, i love the 80's. i love not vampire-vampires. i love gaga. but this shit is possibly the worst AHS of all time and i am including the worst of all worst's, coven.

yet something happens to my brain every week that i am not proud of, i forget that it's terrible and i watch anyway. 

not entirely sure what brings me back...but it could be matt bomer in eyeliner. my downstairs parts get turnt up in the most uncomfortable way. 


meanwhile, on the opposite end of the tv spectrum is the great british baking show.

yesterday we watched 2 episodes back to back and i started thinking about paul hollywood in an inappropriate way as i often do while watching and wondered...has anyone written any fan fiction about these two? because that is a normal thought to have and not at all weird, right?

then i found the most awesome story i have ever read.

warning: NSFW.


and now that you're good and hungry...



i made chicken chili on saturday and it was really really the best chicken chili i've ever had and i don't even like chicken chili.

i used this recipe but instead of chicken breast i used boneless, skinless chicken thighs and for the beer i used pumpkin beer. 

i am 100% sure that the reason this chili was an 11 on a scale from 1-10 is because of the chicken thighs. so...do that. 

also i didn't have masa harina but i did have soft corn tortillas so i just threw a couple into a food processor and ground them up to a powder.  you could also use cornmeal i suppose but the flavor was much cornier somehow using the tortillas. 

also i didn't have the chipotles so i just squirted absurd amounts of chipotle tobasco into the chili at the end. but if you have chipotle i say use. or don't. it's your mouth. 


i liked this chili 500% more than beef chili and i love beef chili.