a couple of some things

sorry for the light posting this week. 

i've been arting and farting. 

seriously though, i've been painting a lot and had a shitstain of a cold. 

which has kept me both busy and under motivated. 


i have been working on a bunch of new irises for my shop. big and small. 

look for those to drop sometime early next week.


some things have caught my eye this week worth sharing....

i seriously missed the mark with fiona's room. 

does anyone have a pretty but practical solution for masses of lego friends (like every single one in the collection)?


want everything in the balmain for h&m collection. 

starting with this jacket. 

take a peek here if you haven't already.

fair warning. these aren't your usual h&m prices.

but they aren't typical balmain prices either. 


how cute are these jeans?

you- "very."


do yourself a favor and buy these blushes.

i started with peaceful (on the bottom) and recently added modesty (top).

if you only pick one go with peaceful.

it is very subtle but gives the most amazing glow ever. 

i use it very liberally. 


have you ever visited lucky scent?

you can buy samples of perfume for 5 bucks. 

i don't have a signature scent so loads of samples is the way to go for me. 

i can choose according to mood. 


you guys know i am a tracy anderson lifer...

i came across this blog post a few days ago...

it's every TA muscular structure workout ever created. 

they are in order from longest to shortest. 

i want to hug this person. 



have a gorgeous weekend.