life of late (the last 3 weekends)

we're going back to halloween here...


i went as a fortune teller. very last minute and it was really only from the neck up. well, there were bracelets and such. 

i used an obscene amount of black shadows and liners. and then smudged and smoked with brushes. there's a tiny bit of sparkle-y purple in there too.  it was pretty awesome if i do say so myself.  the lip was a mixture of black eyeliner and deep plum and red shades of lipstick. 


that turban tie-up took years off my life. 

it's just a long black scarf with silver sparkles from target. but i swear to god it was one of the hardest things i've ever done. 


a truly terrifying skeleton princess. (we smoked up her eyes too)


2 weekends ago fiona was a flower girl in a wedding with her 2 best friends. 



the look on my face indicates the rarity of a photo like this. 

like, i'm trying to capture it before she realizes she's posing with me and runs away. 

there is even a half smile there!!! it's like a unicorn sighting. or a double rainbow. 

super fun wedding tho. 

i danced like a middle aged mom who thinks she's audrey hepburn.

but really i just looked like a horse freshly birthed who's trying to understand what legs do. and also carlton from the fresh prince. 


no one does wrinkles better than ikea. 

this weekend we hosted our first (hopefully annual) friendsgiving. 


i wore sequins.


we put all the babies in a corner. 

apparently a dark one. :-/

we kept it pretty small this year (6 adults and 3 chilrens).

next year i think we will expand it slightly. 

i made 2 appetizers that were really delicious and a snap to put together. 

ina's caramalized bacon and smitten kitchen's creamed mushrooms on chive butter toast

the caramelized bacon can be made early in the day as it's served room temp. i made them first thing in the morning and kept them in an airtight container on the counter until guests arrived. 

the creamed mushrooms i made early too and just kept it in the fridge. i reheated it just before guests arrived and then toasted the bread (which i sliced early in the day as well) in the oven on a sheet pan. it took me about 5 minutes to assemble. 

people were dancing as they were eating because shit so delicious. 

i can only encourage you to make these at your next gathering. 


ok then. 

see ya later.