ugh. thoughts. mostly negative ones.


forward. back. they both suck. 

i've been waking up at 10 til 6 every morning since and it eats thousands of dicks. 

so dumb. 

thank god for delicious coffee. are some things..


1. the new house beautiful -

have you seen it?

well i haven't. because for some reason target removed their magazine section. 

both of my targets. so i am guessing this is a corporate decision which probably means it's coming from the inside of someone's butthole. 

anyway...based on lisa fine's house in this month's issue (and found on their website via pinterest) it looks like a good one.


2. your decorating lord and savior...sara ruffin costello -

there are more pictures of sara ruffin costello's new orleans house and you will devour them.

i think the house itself is the most spectacular thing of all. gallery walls aren't new. 

stacks of books either. but those moldings. the arches and doorways. the sky high ceilings and those fireplaces.  



3. christmas - 

i've decided that i want to think about it already. 

i have also decided that i want to spend it in caroline fleming's danish castle house

with my new favorite lady of london and spirit animal, sophie stanbury



i know i talk about some shows.

but this one is hands down the most compelling hour of television i watch in a week. 

it's dark and complex. sad and relatable. it's a real look at the human condition. 

also, not for nothing but the sets are pretty drool-worthy. 

it's on showtime. but you can watch on hulu

you have to watch season 1 first. 



ok then. 

period cramps,