robert kime is good

do you ever play that game? where you ask yourself if you could have any designer design your house who would you choose?

i have a top 3. maybe 4. 

robert kime is one...

every time i come across something he decorated i stop and stare. 

his spaces look warm and inviting. lived in and loved hard. 

 every piece suggests a story. 

and all of it so very english. 


his rooms are grand but not at all intimidating. 


i think the worn in quality of the rooms i see is a testament to the timelessness of his interiors.

mixing styles is key. as is layering. SO much layering- colors, textures, patterns and worn things. 


and lamps...

lots and lots of lamps in pretty fabric shades. no drum shades here people. 

lighting in general is at every possible height. 

got a pedestal in your basement? bring it upstairs and throw a lamp on it. 


get the look ok?

tiger painting / bamboo side table / purple sofa / bright red kilim / blue and white lamp with white shade / cluster of 3 pillows (shhh..they're from pottery barn!) here here and here / amonite fossil / cream slipcovered sofa / gold screen / red and yellow kilim / ottoman / ticking bolster pillow / blue and white jar plus more here / framed textile / blue and white lamp with pink shade


if you must know the other designers i'd toss into the dream house hat:

jeffrey bilhuber for his way with color and the relaxed and easy luxury he brings to a space.

isabel lopez quesada for the way she uses symmetry and blends tradition with rustic and worn.

axel vervoordt because he is a master and i am sure i would never tire of anything he put in my house.

and ilse crawford for her use of quiet but saturated color and texture all wrapped up in luxurious modernity. 


there are many others i'd consider for sure...and on any given day i'd change my mind completely. all so different up there. i'd have a hard time choosing. 

some days i am color and crazy pattern all the way and others i am quiet and restrained and clean surfaces. how do i live with myself?! 


who would you pick?