hi. this.

dear god it's december. 

it all happens so fast...

i'm reveling in the cool october breezes, pinning sweaters and shit. drinking red wine at the right temperature. thinking about the side dishes i'm gonna make for thanksgiving that is weeks away still. and then BAM! i'm putting that motherfucking elf on that motherfucking shelf (and mantel and tree and counter and step and boot and doll house and then i run out of ideas and put him to sleep on a maxi pad bed). 


needless to say the holidays are upon us and by the time december rolls around i am just not that into it anymore. 

i blow my load when the tree goes up and that damn elf wants to cuddle and i'm all like...

i gotta go. 


but in the spirit of blogging and the tiny shred of magic that seems to be hanging on by a thread in my withering heart i have been working on a gift guide.

one that comprises things i have and love and want to share and things i do not have and want to share on the off chance someone will buy it for me. or that you may want to buy for someone you love. 


something on that list that needs it's own blog post is this mascara-


i have a friend who sells this make up brand and she asked me to review it.

side note- as a blogger i get asked this type of stuff all the time. and i turn everyone down. 

but jessica is an internet friend and she is adorable and sweet and funny and i just love her. 

plus- free make up? sign me up!

she sent me quite a few of their products. and i enjoyed everything well enough..

the foundation she sent me is mega coverage and if you have to cover scars and acne and shit i say this is one you'd want to check out. it's too powdery for me. i like a bacon grease-type glow. (i think this one would be more my speed) 

but i was really impressed by how velvety my face looked. like a porcelain doll. if that's your thing, go for it! in my opinion the older you get the LESS foundation you should be wearing. 

so...there's that.


back to the mascara. 

i have used a lot of mascara in my time. cheap, expensive and middle of the road. 

i still swear by blinc mascara for your lower lashes. i will never ever use another brand on my lower lashes. zero smudging. it's the best. 

the deal with this younique moonstruck 3D fiber lashes is that it's a 3 step process. 

at first i groaned- ugh! 3 steps? my whole face should be 3 steps. 

but then i tried it. 

step 1: apply the mascara. they call it a gel but it looks and acts like regular mascara.  

step 2: apply the fibers. (it's like applying tiny strands of feathers to your lashes)

step 3: apply the mascara/gel again. to set. 

that's it. 

my lashes were a lot longer and thicker and better. 

i find myself excited to use it every day. 

no joke. 


not me


here's the thing...

there is danger in more than one coat. 

i have seen women in tutorials going to town with this shit and they look like a dollar store tammy faye baker. 

one coat is totes enough in my opinion. 

and use on your lower lashes at your own risk. 

i used on mine and within 2 hours- raccoon city all up under there. 


take away and tips-

1. i really do believe that this mascara is worth the money. 

my lashes were a lot longer with just a little curling and one round of the 3 step process. 

2. if you don't want the long lashes look every day save it for nights out. 

it's pretty dramatic if you aren't used to lashes on steroids. 

2a. not using it on your lower lashes will help. 

3. use a clean mascara wand to help with clumping between coats. it lightens the load a little. 


here's a picture of me wearing it...


don't mind the frown, it's not a reflection of my mood. it's more than likely the sun in my eyes.

*lipstick not available for purchase. (or real)


buy the mascara here

i really do love this stuff and i will absolutely buy it when my freebie runs out. 

i would also give it as a gift. 


ok then. gift guide coming soon.