new work

cherry waves

16 x 20 canvas

when you have an idea in your head but have no idea how it will turn out?

i saw impressions and underpaintings and bold gestures involved like spots or petals. 

i wanted the effect to be as if they were floating over any old thing. as though i took a forgotten canvas and added more story and yet i wanted it to be modern and to fall somewhere in the category of pop art. 

the result is kooky for sure but delights me no less. 

there will always be something about strong color contrast that excites me. i think beyond anything else that is what motivates me to pick up a paint brush. 


lemons and leaves

16 x 20 canvas

leopard for jesus

18 x 24 paper

rose petal frame

12 x 16 canvas


24 x 30 canvas

there are new irises too..


why the long face?

12 x 16 paper

fluffy pillows

8.5 x 11 paper

new works on canvas here

new works on paper here


thanks for looking.