kristmas krafts

if there is a time of year that i would craft some shit it would be christmas time. 

but the only thing i have managed to craft is a herp sore on my lip. 

i am accurately portraying herp derp. 

aside from that i still stalk christmas inspiration photos and crafty shit and think...maybe....someday. 

my christmas crafts would probably be edible. like homemade vanilla extract and bacon jam

or maybe some spruce infused olive oil. because nothing says christmas like the TASTE of pine. 


here are some things inspiring me to do nothing....


this is pretty intense. i like it though. 

this just looks like where you'd want to be on christmas morning. after the presents have been opened. the kids playing with their toys. mom chill AF in a mimosa haze.

 greenery and ribbon. some christmas flowers. you've got this. 

maybe not the safest. but i do love a drippy candle situation. 

fancy a snowy country walk?




doable. and effective. 


in case you forgot you can get drunk off food- bourbon balls


if i could do one thing!!!

seriously this sets my christmas goose on fire. 

i see this image and immediately those charlie brown kids start singing in my head. 


what sets your goose aflame?