that post title is no joke.

 i spent an embarrassing amount of time stupidbowl sunday cyber stalking linda rodin and dry humping the air.

i swear i didn't know i was doing that last part.

the thing is when i get fixated on something i tend to go full serial killer. 

i found out a whole bunch of stuff about what lipstick she wears and that she is a legit seashell hoarder. like, if you want any seashells good luck because they're all in her apartment. 

her apartment is fun and girly and unpretentious and FILLED WITH STUFF.

too much stuff for my senses but it's so charming and the "stuff" is beautiful. 

i found out some other things about her too but first pictures...

(click on any image to enlarge)


i love her white painted floors. i have found that white works REALLY well when you have a lot of stuff. i learned this after painting fiona's room 3 times in one year and finally settling on white because STUFF.


total babe. 

i love seeing how she's added to and changed things up in her space.

the addition of a smeg and little green shelf in the bathroom are my favorites.


from grey magazine

My mother had an antique shop and she was an interior decorator. So we always went antiquing. I still go to the flea market every weekend. I’m not a minimalist obviously, except that my products are very minimal. I’m very simple in my person and I dress simply. And I wanted the products to reflect that. It’s interesting; people laugh when they come here. They think that I’d live in a white loft with no furniture and I’m so the opposite personally. I could leave and go somewhere and just bring my oils and another shirt. I’m not all over the place, except at home. I have stuff all over and every single thing I have I like. And just looking at things does inspire me. I just love beautiful things; I go to the flea market every weekend.


from refinery 29-

You have a very unique health and exercise regimen. How do you stay so svelte without exercise...or water??  
"LOL. It's true. I hate water and only drink it at night. I eat the mediterranean diet: Lots of vegetables, olive oil, tomatoes, fresh bread, cheese, and fish. I don't think a day goes by that I don't have tomatoes, olive oil, a salad, an avocado, and some type of fish....and a bit of chocolate after dinner."


some more scoop: 

she has a crush on jon hamm.

she's never colored her hair and

she has 2 glasses of wine every night.

she swears by moodmatcher lipstick in green saying, "it keeps your lips colored after sleeping."

she washes her face once at night with a mild cleanser and goes to bed early.

and she wears no make up other than her signature pink or coral lip and mascara.


her lip faves:

moodmatcher in green.

make up forever fucshia lip pencil 16C.

ilia lipstick in neon angel.

don't forget her face oil

i'm dying to try it. have any of you?


i realize i am a little steve stark (specifically minute 1:04) over linda rodin but it's not too often you see a woman her age looking so badass.  

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images via refinery 29, grey magazine, so haute style and google.