coupla things

#1. sorry to leave you with jane fonda's saggy cameltoe for all those days. i still think she looked like a glamorous mofo.


#2. we've all been sick with varying things. i've had a lingering sore throat cough situation. mike has had some steamyD and fiona has had a mixture of both, only not as noteworthy. can it just be april already?


#3. eat with.


that is a guy named alexis and his girlfriend kath. (eyebrows on fleek)

he started a supper club in paris and now it's all over the place. 

even here in the states.

the cool thing is you can host and i am thinking about doing it. would you come?

i read about it here

the website to host or to go to a dinner party is here

hosting sounds fun and terrifying. so, would you come? 




 i will leave you and go back to some more coughing with the pure, raw and expressive work of miroco machiko...


i've been a long time fan of her work. at first it's the colors that grab me but then there is this confidence that comes through. the image is underworked but purely imaginative. 

i just love looking at them. 


speaking of art i will be adding a few more smalls to my shop tomorrow.

stop by here to gander. i always post here first.